Industrial & Community Development

St. Marys is a community with a population of 8,300 residents that has been long embraced by business and industry. In the early days, the river and canal provided the major means of receiving and transporting goods. Today, modern 4-lane divided highways, a state of the art county owned airport, and the railroad lines serve the same purpose. Our businesses have flourished and prospered due to our excellent transportation systems, the community's prime location in the very heart of the populous Midwest, and especially the strong work ethic of our residents.

From the early trade through the oil boom, the mill days and into the 21st century, industry has truly found a home in St. Marys. Old businesses have been retained, with many undergoing numerous and extensive expansions. The cooperative attitude between business and our community has also resulted in new foreign investment in our community, further strengthening our industrial base.

St. Marys also features an abundant agriculture business cultivating some of the richest farmland in the Nation and also offering new business ample areas for new growth.