Police Personnel




Monday through Friday 
7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Christopher, Brian J. Police Sergeant      
Turpin, Lucas L. Police Sergeant      
Kennedy II, Thomas P. Police Sergeant      
Boos, Joshua A. Police Sergeant      
Parker, Brian A. Police Sergeant      
James Jr., Gary W. Police Officer      
Wessel, Lucas M. Police Officer      
Kraner, Tyler L. Police Officer      
McMaster, Nathaniel M. Police Officer      
Walter III, Thomas W. Police Officer      
Eberle, Charles A. Police Officer      
Buschur, Scott J. Police Officer      
Little, Jacob P. Police Officer      
Brunswick, Lance A. Police Officer      
Burrows Jr., Timothy Police Officer      
, Mattis Police Canine   911  
Warniment, Daniel J. Code Enforcement Officer      
Rammel, Ashley M. Custodian of Records      
Wale, Doris A. Dispatcher      
Meckstroth, Sandra K. Dispatcher      
Fischbach, Laura L. Dispatcher      
Syndram, Kendra R. Dispatcher      
Anderson, Sharon K. School Patrol      
Fark, Nancy H. School Patrol