Permit Application Forms

PermitFeePrint Form
Close Street or Alley$10.00 
Conditional Use Permit$55.00 
Deed Approval$10.00 per parcel 
Demolition Permit$100.00 Deposit 
Electrical Permit$5.00/Service Extrance 
Electrician License$10.00 
Home Occupation Application$55.00 
Obstruction Permit$10.00 
Occupy Public Right-of-Way Permit$55.00 min.
(Fee based upon cost of advertising
and granting of permit)
Plat Review - Final$30.00/acre
(not less than $200.00)
Plat Review - Preliminary$20.00/acre 
Plumber License$10.00 
Plumbing Permit
- Residential
- Commercial
- Sandy Beach Tap Fees
- Sanitary Sewer Connection Inspection Fee
- Sewer Assessment Fee
- St. Marys Sewer District Fee
- Storm Sewer Connection Inspection Fee
- Time and Material
- Trap or Fixture Inspection Fee
- Villa Nova Sewer District Fee
- Water Tap Fee
- Water Assessment Fee

$10.00 (Permit only)
$20.00 (Permit only)
$1.00 Each
Re-zoning (Changing Map)$60.00 
Re-zoning (Changing Text)$60.00 
Sidewalk Permit$1.00 
Street Opening Permit$100.00 min. Deposit 
Subdivision Approval without Plat$10.00/Lot 
Tent/Vendor Permit Application$10.00
Variance Application$55.00
Zoning Permit$10.00 


NOTE:  Anyone working on a commercial/industrial and residential four units and above, please refer to the following link for information:  Miami County Ohio Building Regulations