Special Pick-Up

Items too large for normal bag or container disposal will be charged a "Special Pick-Up Charge". You must call 419-394-3303, ext. 1243 to request a special pick-up.

Special Pick-Up Charges:

Bicycles, baby car seats$3.00 each
Kitchen chairs$3.50 each
Rugs 5 x 9 or smaller$7.50 each
Small end tables$8.50 each
Storm doors, windows$10.00 each

Wood desks, small TV's, mattresses, box springs, 
fiberglass tubs, microwaves, dressers, 
wood kitchen tables, wood entry doors

$12.00 each

Metal desks, recliners, toilets,
vanities and tops (24", 36", 48"),
metal kitchen tables, carpet* (10 x 12), padding* (10 X 12)

*Carpet and padding not rolled will be subject to additional charges

$15.00 each

Love seats, couches

$20.00 each

Console TV's, white goods

$25.00 each

TV's 33" and larger, hide-a-bed sofas

$30.00 each

Sectional couches

$40.00 each
Flat screen TV/big screen$40 - $50.00 each


Miscellaneous small items not listed above and approved for pickup, will be charged a $10.00 base fee plus $2.00 per minute loading time fee per employee. Any load exceeding an estimated 10 minutes should be reported when calling in for a special pick-up so an employee can review the load before picking up. This is to provide a more accurate estimate of charges. Please request a quote on heavy, large, or time-consuming loads.