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Swimming Pool

The City’s first pool opened in 1957. In 2003, a new facility opened on the same site.

Total costs to build and equip the new facility, remodel the bathhouse, and landscape the site was $1.35 million.

Two pools are provided. The leisure pool is a beach-type entry pool that contains an interactive play feature, two raindrops, and a large slide. The competition pool contains 8 swimming lanes 25 meters in length, and a dive well with two 1 meter diving boards and one 3 meter diving board.

Both pools have stainless steel walls and concrete bottoms.

The leisure pool holds 103,000 gallons of water. The competition pool holds 264,000 gallons.

The leisure pool depth varies from zero depth (beach-type entry) to 3½ feet. The competition pool depth varies from 3½ feet to 12½ feet.

The slide is 17 feet tall.

Filtering the water keeps it clean and clear. Both pools are filtered by high-rate sand filters. The leisure pool is filtered at a rate of 650 gallons per minute (gpm), which results in all of the water being filtered every 2½ hours. The competition pool is filtered at a rate of 820 gpm, which results in all of the water being filtered every 5½ hours.

Yes, both pools are heated by natural gas boilers.

The Ohio Health Department requires that pool water contain free chlorine between 1.5 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm), that pH be maintained at approximately 7.5, and that total alkalinity be approximately 100 ppm. A correct balance of the three helps keep pool water clear. Chemical levels are controlled automatically.

It takes 30 to 40 seasonal employees to operate the facility efficiently.