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Small Businesses Can Provide Feedback

Below is information from the Ohio Economic Recovery Task Force.  


Due to all the helpful feedback we’ve received, the Ohio Economic Recovery Task Force is extending the opportunity for feedback to small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. If you or someone you know has a small business that would be willing to share their story in virtual testimony, please email ohio2020[at]ohiohouse[dot]gov or call 614-466-6344 with the following information:

• Name and location of the business
• Number of employees
• Years in business
• Contact information for the business owners (email, phone number)
• Brief description of the nature of the business

Businesses may also submit written feedback to the task force. If you're unable to participate in a virtual testimony, please indicate so and we will follow up with focus questions.
Thank you all for sharing your voices so far. Your contribution is making an impact and we encourage you to keep submitting feedback to help Ohio's Economy get back on track!