The Engineering Department is responsible for scheduling and planning of timely maintenance, repairs, and reconstruction of infrastructure such as streets, alleys, bridges, storm sewers, sidewalks, etc. Each year the Engineering Department prepares a street reconstruction and street resurfacing program. Other projects such as CDBG Projects, Issue 1 and ODOT, or Federally assisted projects involving streets, bridges, traffic signals, etc., are also administered by the Department. The Department maintains maps and records of all City utilities, water, sanitary sewer, electric distribution system, and maintains files of engineering drawings and boundary surveys.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for recommending and planning annexations and developments, i.e., working with City Council, Planning Commission, City Utility Departments, and citizens, etc. They review proposed subdivision plans and plats and make recommendations regarding long-range planning of land use and utility extensions and development. They also provide technical assistance and engineering services to all departments within the City. The Department assists in planning, repairing and renovating various City owned buildings and facilities.