Programs Available

Bicycle Licenses

To aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles, every bicycle owner is encouraged to purchase a bicycle license annually from the Police Department. For $1.00, bicycle licenses are available by completing a Bicycle Registration Certificate, which identifies the owner and a description of the bicycle. Bicycle owners receive a license number sticker that is placed on the bicycle in a secure area. Copies of the certificates are maintained by the Police Department should a bicycle be stolen or found.

House Watch Program

The House Watch program is designed to provide homeowners a means of having their residence checked periodically by an officer when you are away from home on vacation or an extended weekend. If you are interested in this service, visit the Police Department to complete the necessary form or complete and submit the form on the House Watch Request page.

Self-Defense & Firearms Safety Class

The City of St. Marys Police Department is proud to have joined forces with the Auglaize County Sheriff's Office and Wapakoneta Police Department to hold an all day, bi-annual, women's self-defense and firearms safety class.

The self-defense class, designed to educate women in ways to reduce the risk of being physically attacked as well as the utilization of counter techniques in the event an attack or sexual assault should occur, is offered free of charge, based on the P.R.O.T.E.C.T. (Personal Response Options and Tactically Effective Counter Techniques) self-defense system. Participants are able to practice the techniques learned in class against instructors equipped in protective Red Man suits, thus enabling participants to gain insight into their own capabilities. The course is taught by state certified trained officers.

Additionally, a class on firearms, taught by state certified firearms and defensive tactics instructors, is available to educate participants on firearms and provide practical hands on applications in firing various caliber hand guns and shotguns.

Classes are offered together or separate.  Lectures on the subject matter are also available.  For more information on self-defense classes or firearms safety classes please email Chief Jake Sutton at 419-394-2325.

People Standing on Mats
Person Practicing Self Defense with Person in Protective Gear
Person Practicing Self Defense with Knee Raised
Person Holding a Gun
Person Aiming Gun at Target
Person Aiming a Gun at a Target in a Field