Online Filing

Be sure that you are submitting all of the following documents that are applicable to you:

  • Local Form EZ - completed and signed
  • Front page of Federal 1040
  • Return MUST be signed
  • Federal Schedule 1
  • All W2s
  • 1099s, federal schedules

If all required documents are not uploaded, your return will be rejected. 

Submit Tax Form.

To submit the required documents:

  • Click the above link
  • Complete the Name, Phone Number, and Email fields
  • Choose the files to upload from your computer/device
  • Check the I'm not a robot box
  • Click Submit

To complete Electronic Form EZ:

  • Input the information from your W-2s into the corresponding columns on the spreadsheet
  • Do not include School District withholding
  • Only input Other City Wages from Box 18 if the locality in Box 20 is other than where you live.

Online Filing Documents