City Administration

Mayor McGowan is the Chief Elected Official of the City and is responsible for overseeing the administration of City operations. However, as this is not a full-time position, the Mayor appoints a Director of Public Service and Safety to manage the City on a day-to-day basis and keep the Mayor informed. Gregory J. Foxhoven serves in this position.

The Director of Public Service and Safety interfaces with elected officials, department heads, City employees, citizens, business and industry, and various organizations throughout the City. He is also responsible for the approval of contracts, permits, purchase orders, etc. The Director attends City Council Meetings and presents regular reports to keep members informed of City operations and projects, and makes recommendations to Council relating to current or prospective legislation.

The Director serves as Zoning Inspector and is charged with issuing or rejecting applications for zoning permits. He also serves as a member of the City Planning Commission which deals with development issues, rezoning requests, etc.

All Department Heads report to the Director of Public Service and Safety.  Below are the City's Department Heads and Supervisors.  

    1. Greg Foxhoven

      Gregory J. Foxhoven

      Director of Public Service and Safety


    Craig Moeller

    Supt. Of Community Services and Engineering
    Phone: 419-300-3118

  1. Mack Kuenning

    Mack Kuenning

    Supt. of Electric Department
    Phone: 419-300-1246

  1. Sue Backs

    Sue Backs

    Personnel Director
    Phone: 419-300-3105

  1. Doug Ayers

    Douglas Ayers

    Fire Chief
    Phone: 419-394-2361

  1. Chief of Police

    Jacob Sutton

    Chief of Police
    Phone: 419-394-2325

  1. Angie Brown

    Angie Brown

    Tax Commissioner
    Phone: 419-300-3108

  1. John Menker

    John Menker

    Supt. of General Services
    Phone: 419-394-4201

  1. Mike Burkholder

    Michael Burkholder

    Manager of Industrial and Community Development
    Phone: 419-300-3117

  1. Jeff Thompson

    Jeff Thompson

    Supt. of Water and Sewer Departments
    Phone: 419-394-4114

  1. Paul Swartz

    Paul Swartz

    Supv. of Water Distribution/Sewer Collection
    Phone: 419-394-4114

  1. Doug Metz

    Doug Metz

    Supt. of Solid Waste Operations
    Phone: 419-394-4800

  1. Angie Youngs

    Angie Youngs

    Utility Office Supervisor
    Phone: 419-300-1244

  1. GreggClark

    Gregg Clark

    Supervisor of Parks and Urban Forestry
    Phone: 419-300-1252