Vacant Buildings Program


Structures which are left vacant for extended periods of time have proven to breed crime, pose public safety risks, reduce property values, and reduce the economic viability of the community. The City of St. Marys established the Vacant Building Registration Program as a means to identify and register vacant building located within the corporation limits, to govern the responsibilities of vacant building owners, and to provide appropriate incentives for vacant buildings to be returned to productive use.


Chapter 1343 of the City of St. Marys Codified Ordinances was passed by City Council in November 2019.

View the Ordinance for the Registration of Vacant Buildings (PDF).
View the Ordinance Amending Registration Fees (PDF).

Registration Form

An owner of a structure which meets the definition of a vacant building as explained in Chapter 1343.02 shall register such structure with the Fire Department within 30 days of the designation.

View the Vacant Building Registration Form (PDF).

Building Plan

An owner of a structure which meets the definition of a vacant commercial or industrial building as explained in Chapter 1343.02 shall include a building plan with the registration form.

View the Vacant Building Plan Form (PDF).


Upon designation of a building as a Vacant Building by the Director of Public Service and Safety, the owner may appeal such designation in the same manner and in the same time limits as an appeal under Chapter 1339 of the Codified Ordinances where there has been the designation of a structure as a Dangerous Building.

Fee Schedule

A fee schedule was established as a part of this program in order to provide appropriate incentives for owners of vacant buildings to care for them properly, seek to fill them, and in appropriate cases, demolish them. The annually increased fee amounts are intended to increase pressure on the vacant building owner, absorb costs for possible demolition, hazard abatement of or repairs to vacant structures.

Commercial / IndustrialFee
Registration (Years 0 to 1)$400
1st Renewal (Years 1 to 2)$800
2nd Renewal (Years 2 to 3)$1,600
3rd Renewal (Years 3 to 4)$3,200
Every Subsequent Renewal$6,400

Registration (Years 0 to 1)$250
1st Renewal (Years 1 to 2)$500
2nd Renewal (Years 2 to 3)$1,000
3rd Renewal (Years 3 to 4)$2,000
Every Subsequent Renewal$4,000