Engine 141

Engine 141

A 6 person, 2005 Pierce Contender with a 1000 gallon tank and 1500 gpm pump. Engine 141 is powered by a 330 H.P. Cummins Diesel V-6.

Engine 143

Engine 143

A 6 person, 2016 Pierce Impel with a 1,250 gallon tank and 1,500 gallon pump.  Engine 143 is powered by a 450 H.P. Cummins Diesel.  This engine is also our extrication response vehicle.

Ladder 146Ladder 146

A 6 person, 2008 Sutphen SPH 100 with a 300 gallon tank and 1500 gpm pump. Ladder 146 is powered by a 500 H.P. Cummins Diesel and has a 100' bucket ladder. This unit carries our rope rescue and confined space rescue equipment.

Brush 148Brush 148

A 4 person, 2012 Ford F-350 V-8 with a 250 gallon tank and 200 gpm pump.

Chief 150Chief 150

A 5 person, 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe.  Command 150 is equipped with technology and equipment to assist the Chief to command multiple types of incidents.

Rescue 156Rescue 156

A 3 person, 2000 International Box Truck. This unit is the department's special operations vehicle. Rescue 156 has a 4 bottle cascade system, water and ice rescue gear, and grain bin rescue equipment, and other miscellaneous items.

Medic 157Medic 157

A 2018 Ford F-550 Horton Type I.  This is the second out ambulance for all EMS calls.  It is an ALS capable squad and equipped with the latest lifesaving technology.

Unit 158Medic 158

A 2022 Ford F-55- Horton Type I. This is the first ambulance for all initial EMS calls. It is an ALS-capable squad and equipped with extrication equipment and the latest lifesaving technology.

Medic 159Medic 159

A 2015 Ford F-450 McCoy Miller Type I. 

Utility 149Utility 149

A 4 person, 2014 Ford F350 V-8.