General Services

If there is a general service needed by the community which is not specifically covered by another department, this task is often assigned to the General Services Department. The duties of General Services personnel range from maintaining streets and performing carpentry or masonry work, to the pulling of weeds and watering of plants.

Maintaining the streets, alleys, and parking lots occupies much of their time. There are 42 miles of streets, 60 blocks of alleys, and several public parking lots that this Department maintains. The streets, alleys, and parking lots are crack sealed, patched, graded, and swept in order to keep them in top-notch condition. Other regular duties of the department include:

  • Storm Drainage System - cleaning and repairing catch basins, cleaning ditches, and jetting storm sewers.
  • Mowing of Right-of-Ways
  • Pavement Markings
  • Cutting Brush from Ditches
  • Monthly Brush Pickup
  • Leaf Collection
  • Snow Removal/Plowing
  • Repairing and Making Street and Traffic Signs
  • Spraying for Mosquitoes
  • Building Forms for Sidewalks and Finishing Cement
  • Groundskeeping
  • Loading and Unloading Stone, Gravel, Dirt, Equipment

The General Services Department also assists with City Parks' maintenance and upkeep which includes installing and repairing playground equipment, fencing, park buildings, and landscaping and groundskeeping. The Department also assists with preparing and maintaining athletic fields.

The city garage also operates out of the General Services Department and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment.

People Standing In Front of a Truck