Snow Removal

Snowplow Clearing SnowWhen the winter weather is upon us, the General Services Department is responsible to make our streets as safe and clear as possible. The snow removal policy of the department is to clear the most highly traveled roadways, bridges, and streets that service the hospital and schools first, followed by residential streets.

To aid in the snow removal process, residents are asked not to park vehicles in a manner that prevents snow plows from plowing or salting an area. Snow cannot be removed from streets that are not passable for a snow plow truck. Removing vehicles from roadways is extremely helpful.

Snow plowed in front of driveways is an unfortunate result of plowing streets. To help reduce the accumulation of snow at the end of your driveway, avoid shoveling snow into the street when clearing your driveway. When shoveling snow near the end of your driveway, shovel snow to the left of your driveway.


Loader Clearing SnowCity Ordinance requires that every property owner or occupant keep sidewalks free from snow, ice or other substances that could cause any injury. In the event that the property owner or occupant fails to remove snow or ice or other substance upon the sidewalks, the City, at its option, may remove the same and assess costs against such owner or occupant for the removal. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.