Code Enforcement

Our Mission: To improve the quality of life in City of St. Marys neighborhoods through implementation and enforcement of the City's Zoning, Health, Sanitation, and Safety Codes.

Code enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the following City codes:

  • The Zoning Code which regulates land use and licensed facilities such as junk, unlicensed or unregistered vehicles;
  • The Health, Sanitation, and Safety (Environmental) Codes which regulate high grass, weeds, solid waste, and general sanitary maintenance of properties within the City; and,
  • The Abatement of Nuisances Code which addresses the conditions of poorly maintained, blighted and vacant properties.

Violation Notices

If you have received a Code Enforcement Violation Notice, you either own or are otherwise "in control", i.e., live in, lease or manage, a property that has been found to have violations of the Housing, Zoning, Environmental, or Right-of-Way Code(s).

The first thing you should do is read the Notice. The Notice will tell you the address of the property in violation, when the violations were observed by the Code Enforcement Officer, and what violations were present when the Code Enforcement Officer made the inspection.

Contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Dan Warniment, at 419-300-3182 or The Code Enforcement Officer can usually answer any questions you may have about the property and the violations observed.

The Code Enforcement Officer will work with you if you need time to correct any deficiencies with City Code. Call if you need an extension.


Failure to correct deficiencies as noted in a Code Enforcement Violation Notice is punishable by both criminal and civil penalties.