Public Records Request

The City of St. Marys will prepare and make available for inspection and/or copying "public records," as defined in Ohio Revised Code 149.43, upon the request of any member of the general public.

Public records are available for inspection during regular business hours. Inspection of public records will be made available promptly, while copies shall be made available within a reasonable period of time. In determining what is prompt and reasonable, the volume of records, the location of records, and the possible necessity of legal review, shall all be taken into consideration.

Each request shall be evaluated as to an estimated period of time it will take to make the records available. Any denial of public records requested will include an explanation. If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions will be redacted and the rest released. Each redaction will be accompanied by a supporting explanation, including legal authority.

Requests for public records do not have to be in writing. Additionally, the requester does not have to provide his or her identity or intended use of the requested public record. Although no specific language is required to make a request, the requester must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity for the City to determine, retrieve, and review the records. If the request is not clear, the requester will be asked for clarification to assist in determining what records will satisfy their request.

The charge for the cost of each record requested is as follows:

  • There is no charge for viewing (inspecting) public records.
  • The charge for paper copies is five cents per page.
  • The charge for downloaded files to a compact disc is $2.00 per disc.
  • The charge for downloaded files to a thumb drive is $6.00 per thumb drive.
  • There is no charge for documents emailed.
  • The charge for mailing documents will include the cost of postage and any other supplies used in the mailing in addition to copy charges, etc.

Full payment of any and all fees is required prior to the delivery of any requested information; however, there shall be no delay in making reproductions while awaiting payment.

If the cost for providing records, including postage and supplies, totals $1.00 or less, the records will be provided at no charge.

To make a request for a public record at the Police Department, contact Ashley Rammel at 419-300-3189 or

Any questions regarding this policy shall be directed to the City Law Director.